Your customers and employees can receive your mail and important documents in Kivra. It makes it easier for everyone and reduces your administrational workload.

Tre personer håller ett företagsmöte.

Kommunicera i Kivra

What you can send

Ikon föreställande ett kuvert.

Letters and invoices

Reach customers and clients with no delay. And reduce expenses.

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Ikon föreställande ett dokument, till exempel ett lönebesked.


Communicate with your employees. Convenient and GDPR-approved.

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Ikon föreställande en penna som signerar.


Sign contracts, NDA:s or any agreement using BankID. Always stored in your digital archive.

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Start using Kivra for your communication


  • Who can send content in Kivra?

  • How does direct communication in Kivra work?

  • Can bills and invoices be payed in Kivra?

  • What is required to send digital receipts in Kivra?