Prevent identity theft

Kivra is a powerful tool when it comes to discover and prevent identity theft. With quick information, Kivra gives you a chance to stop fraud in time.


How to prevent identity theft?

Just by creating a Kivra account, you will receive a robust identity coverage. Since digital post is sent without delay, you will quickly get information if someone has demanded your credit report or if your folkbokföringsadress (population registration address) has been changed. You will also get quick info if you have been registered in a company or housing society via Bolagsverket. Or if you have been wrongfully registered as a representative via Skatteverket.

E-mail notifications and push notifications via the Kivra app let you stay on top of information regarding your identity.

How Kivra protects your identity

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Credit report

When someone asks for your credit report, you will get a notification in Kivra. It gives you the chance to stop your identity from being exploited for criminal activity. You can act swift by contacting the creditor.

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Change of address

The Swedish tax authority (Skatteverket) send information to your Kivra if you change your population registration address. That means, with Kivra, you can stay alert if someone tries to change your address, e.g. for fraudful orders placed in your name.

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Representative registration

Mainly during the tax declaration season, false representative registration occurs, which can give others access to your tax account. With Kivra, you will receive quick information from the Swedish Tax Authority regarding changes in your private tax account. It gives you a better chance to stop fraud in time.

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Company board changes

Bolagsverket is the authority that keeps all board members and authorised signatory persons registered. Bolagsverket send information with Kivra about changes in your company. If you detect a wrongful change, it might be identity theft, and you can quickly take action.

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Digital receipts

Receipts in Kivra gives you an overview of your purchases. If you suspect fraud, you can compare your receipts in Kivra with your bank account report.

“To discover and prevent fraud in time, it is of great importance that you keep track of your post –especially credit reports and information regarding changes of population registration address. It's essential that you swiftly get to know if there has been a change. That's why my recommendation is to sign up for a secure digital mailbox, with which you can get notifications and quickly access your important letters. With a digital mailbox, you will have a much better chance to stop fraud in time.”

- Anders Olofsson, Swedish Police Authority, National Center of Fraud Prevention

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Carina stopped the fraud in time

"You have a new letter from Creditsafe in Kivra". The importance of getting quick information was crucial for Carina.

How do I detect identity theft?

Common signs that can indicate identity theft:

  • You receive information about a credit report in your name, that you do not recognise. Learn more about credit reports in Kivra.
  • You receive letters, calls or e-mails about products that you haven't ordered.
  • You receive information about a change in your population registration address.
  • You receive bills of products that you have not ordered.
  • You detect transactions on your bank account report, which you do not recognise.
  • You receive appliance sheets, for which you have not asked.
  • You receive bank letters which you don't recognise.
  • You get notifications from authorities which you don't recognise.


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