Share mailbox in Kivra

With Kivra handling digital mail can be a shared responsibility. Perfect in a shared household. And, it allows you to help near and dear who might find living in a digital society challenging.

What is a shared mailbox in Kivra?

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With shared inboxes, you and your partner can together handle what is related to the household. Electricity bills, rental notices and bank information. Things like before you got Kivra ended up in the common letter box. And was put up on the fridge.

Want to help a loved one with mail, bills and such? Setting up a shared inbox in Kivra is a perfect way to support, even when you can't be there in person.

Digitize together

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The use of digital services is increasing steadily. Nevertheless, around 6% of Swedes live in digital isolation. When we help each other, we can include everyone.

Använd denna ikon vid mörkgrön temafärg

Help at a distance

Solutions are needed to collaborate remotely. Shared mailbox is the digital way to "check someone's mail".

How do I share a mailbox?


As logged in to Kivra, you select settings and sharing.


Click on "share your mailbox". There you enter the social security number of the person who will have access to your Kivra.


Click Send, then a security code will appear. The other person must enter the code in their Kivra under "settings" and "sharing".


When the sharing invitation is accepted, the person can access and administrate your mail!

Digitalisera kommunen med Kivra

Personal settings

There are many ways to customise your Kivra. You can manage specific senders, or let others access your account. Also, you can adjust notifications, and upload documents

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Your important stuff is our priority

We’re here to make adulting easier. Adulting as in paying bills, keeping receipts, collecting letters and keeping track of stuff. We’re here to take your mind off papers, and to let trees produce oxygen rather than spreadsheets. To us, smart, kind and smooth goes hand in hand. Join over five million Swedes and gather your important stuff in Kivra.

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