Personal settings

There are many ways to customise your Kivra. You can manage specific senders, or let others access your account. Also, you can adjust notifications, and upload documents.

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Adjust senders

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Of course, Kivra’s core is digital. But, you might want to continue getting physical letters from a specific sender. This can easily be adjusted to your liking. Simply change from activated to inactivated in the settings menu.

Share your Kivra

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You can share your Kivra if you want someone else to see or manage your mail. In some cases, it can be convenient to give people you trust permission to your account. This can be handled under settings.


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As a standard-setting, you will get notifications when you receive any new content or information in Kivra. Under Settings, you can adjust how often and for what type you will get notifications. Or turn it off completely.

Manage services

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Any service in Kivra can be set to activated or inactivated. Let’s say you no longer want to receive digital post from authorities. Inactivate, and still keep your Kivra account for other services. Of course, you can activate it again at any time.


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Med Kivra+ kan du ladda upp fler livsdokument, fota av och betala pappersfakturor och skapa dina egna kategorier. Kivra som du är van vid, men ett litet extra plus i kanten.

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Shared mailbox

Shared mailbox. Perfect in a shared household. Or to support someone close to you who is above the digital.

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Upload your important stuff

Letters, invoices, receipts or contracts. With Uploads you can collect your own life documents in Kivra, not only things that other people send to you. It’s perfect for agreements, contracts and other life documents.


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