Kivra Plus
An extra plus for your important stuff

Kivra Plus is just as it sounds. A smart premium service for you who want to keep better track of your important stuff. With Kivra Plus you can upload more important documents, photograph, scan and pay invoices, as well as create your own categories. Kivra that you are used to, but with an extra plus. More Kivra, pure and simple.

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Upload what’s really important

Create a safe place for all your most important documents. Agreements, grades, marriage certificates and renovation invoices. All in all, up to 1,000 documents.

Tip! Upload digital copies of your passport and ID card. A good extra precaution if they should get lost while travelling.

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Scan your important documents

You can upload multi-page documents. And crop them exactly as you like.

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Create your own categories

With categories it's easier to find important stuff. Here you can also create your own categories, all by yourself.

Tip! Create categories for things that you have a lot of. If you have many renovation invoices, you may want to make it a category of its own.

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Photograph, scan and save invoices

Take care of paper invoices. When you pay your invoice the full invoice is automatically saved, not just some details. Which makes it easier to keep track of later.

Tip! Saving invoices that have to do with renovation is perfect for future tax deductions.

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How to get Kivra Plus

Go to Settings > Manage services > Kivra+ and follow the instructions in your app. You will find all purchase terms in your app store.

For the first 6 months, Kivra Plus is completely free. After that, Kivra Plus costs SEK 20/month, for as long as you want. This way you get the chance to try out the service at your own pace.

Of course, the rest of Kivra will continue to be free for you and all other users.

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