Vill du som arbetsgivare skicka lönebesked i Kivra?

Ask your employer about digital payslips

Receiving your payslips digitally in Kivra is both secure and sustainable. If your employer is connected, you can get started at once. If not, simply talk to your HR department.

Ikon föreställande fyra pilar som pekar in mot en cirkel i mitten.

All in one place

Collect and store all your important documents in one place. Even payslips.

Ikon föreställande en låst skärm.

Unlimited storage

Once sent to Kivra, your payslips will remain there. Even if you change jobs.

Ikon föreställande en jordglob med en ospecificerad plats utmärkt med knappnål.

Always accessible

Have your payslips at hand, when it comes to loan-, union-, or other errands.

Do you want digital payslips?

First of all – it is not you as a private person who can decide on digital payslips in Kivra. Your employer has to be connected. Here is a step-by-step guide.


Is your employer connected?

Talk to your employer or search among connected companies. If your employer is connected to payslips in Kivra, you can skip to step 3 and get started at once.

Companies connected to Kivra

Even your older payslips will be delivered to Kivra, retroactively.


Tell your HR department about Kivra

You can also leave a tip about digital payslips to the HR department.

Leave a tip via e-mail


Create a Kivra account

In case you don't have a Kivra account, simply click the link below to create one.

Create account

Benefits with digital payslips 

Payslips in Kivra makes it easier to read and follow up on your payslips. And compare with earlier months. You get notified every time you get a new payslip. Once delivered to your Kivra, they will remain there, even if you change jobs. Which comes in handy when applying for a loan or filing for your tax return. By gathering all your important documents digitally in Kivra, you contribute to a more sustainable society.  

What is a payslip?

Your payslip includes information about your salary, hours of work during the specified period of time, remaining vacation days, as well as supplementary and overtime pay. Also, information about tax and other deductions. A payslip can be seen as a receipt of your pay. And can be delivered digitally or as physical mail. It is important to read your payslips to check that everything is correct.