Credit reports

You have the right to get notified if someone has requested a credit report on you. With Kivra you receive the information quickly and securely. And collect the credit reports among your other important documents.


With credit reports in Kivra you get strengthened protection against the misuse of your personal data.


When someone has requested a credit report on you, you will receive a notification. You read the information as a letter in your inbox.

All at one place

With Kivra, you collect everything in the same place. Credit reports as well as other letters and invoices. Also, receipts, agreements, and payslips.

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Keep yourself updated

As a user of Kivra, you get notified via e-mail or push notification every time you get a new credit report. Instead of waiting for physical mail. This is a way to prevent identity theft since you get the chance to act immediately if you don’t recognize the company who asked for the report. You act by contacting the creditor. Several credit report companies are connected to Kivra.

Make sure you have notifications activated in your Kivra app so that you don’t miss out on new mail.

What is a credit report?

When you buy something on credit, want to start a subscription, or apply for a loan – more than often, a credit report is requested. The credit report gives information about your financial status and circumstances that affect your ability to pay, or repay a loan.

It is your right to be informed when such information has been requested. You also have the right to receive a copy of what information has been shared with the requesting credit report company.


Have you received an SMS?

Kivra sends text messages on behalf of the Credit report companies, to quickly let you know if someone has requested a credit report on you. By registering for Kivra you can access it directly. And check that the information is correct. If you don’t want to read it digitally you don’t need to do anything. The credit report will then be sent with paper mail to your registered home address.

Receive credit reports and other important documents in Kivra


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