Receive your letters in a digital mailbox

Kivra replaces a great deal of your mailbox at home. Letters, bills, receipts and other important things, all in the same app. Safe, smart and kind to the environment.

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Anywhere, anytime. Mail, invoices, receipts and uploads - always just a few clicks away.

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A safe place

Kivra is more secure than regular paper mail. You avoid delays and nothing gets lost. Your data is encrypted and only you can see your content.


Better environment

Every document makes a difference. When you acquire Kivra, you help save trees, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and create a more sustainable world.

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Public authorities

Many of Sweden’s public authorities and municipalities are connected to Kivra. The Tax Agency, Pension Authority, CSN, and more.

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A smart way to gather your important documents is to get your payslips in Kivra. This applies when your employer is connected.

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Phone Notification

Credit reports

When someone has requested a credit report on you, you will immediately receive a notification. It gives you strengthened protection against any misuse of your personal data.

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We have more than 30.000 senders

Why snail mail? New companies and authorities join us every week. Set your door mat free and come along, you too.

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Kivra is more than a digital mailbox

In Kivra you get mail from public authorities as well as private companies. We also offer additional functionalities that can make your every-day life easier. Receive digital receipts. Upload and sign documents. Pay your invoices. Read your payslips. And prevent identity theft. The reasons to sign up for Kivra are plenty.

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Din digitala post, dina villkor

Var som helst, när som helst. Med oss är dina viktigheter alltid bara några klick bort. Vill du ha försäkringsbeviset i handen men räkningarna digitalt? Ska vi flagga för nyheter eller hålla oss i bakgrunden? Allt det där bestämmer du!

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What is a digital mailbox?

With a digital mailbox, you receive mail digitally. Instead of letting a postman deliver your paper made letters to your home address, the same information is instead sent to your digital inbox. That includes letters, documents, and bills from companies and public authorities connected to Kivra. Digital mail is not affected by weather conditions or misplaced envelopes. It is a good choice for the environment. And also, it speeds up processes.

To create a digital mailbox is free of charge. And the transition to digital mail goes automatically.

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Your important stuff is our priority

We’re here to make adulting easier. Adulting as in paying bills, keeping receipts, collecting letters and keeping track of stuff. We’re here to take your mind off papers, and to let trees produce oxygen rather than spreadsheets. To us, smart, kind and smooth goes hand in hand. Join over five million Swedes and gather your important stuff in Kivra.

Get started with one click

Get a smarter way to handle your everyday administration


Hur fungerar Kivra?

Luta dig tillbaka. När du skaffar Kivra börjar mycket fungera av sig självt. Brev, räkningar, kvitton och uppladdningar – allt i samma app. Gör som fem miljoner andra, samla dina viktigheter hos oss. Säkert, smart och snällt mot miljön.


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