Digital bills and invoices

Pay your bills and invoices with Kivra. And avoid late fees. Convenient and smartly stored in one place.

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To make a payment in Kivra goes swiftly. All numbers are pre-filled. Just click pay and sign with Mobile BankID.

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All in one place

All your bills and invoices are easily found and sorted in Kivra. It gives you a good overview of your payments.

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Get notifications immediately when you receive a new invoice. With reminders, you don’t forget to pay.

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Connected companies and authorities

Will you receive the next letter from your insurance company in Kivra? The tax return information, or the invoice from the carpenter?

Pay invoices in Kivra


Simple with digital invoices

In Kivra, you receive digital invoices from the authorities and companies with which you have a relationship. Payments in Kivra are simple and take place without delay, in the same way as if you pay directly via your internet bank.


Choose when to pay

You can choose to pay your invoices directly, on the due date or a separate date, which gives you control and a good overview of your payments.


How do I get started?

The first time you choose to pay an invoice in Kivra, you choose which bank and account the payment is to be deducted from. Then identify yourself as usual with Mobile BankID. Then there is a direct connection in Kivra to your bank.


Hur fungerar Kivra?

Luta dig tillbaka. När du skaffar Kivra börjar mycket fungera av sig självt. Brev, räkningar, kvitton och uppladdningar – allt i samma app. Gör som fem miljoner andra, samla dina viktigheter hos oss. Säkert, smart och snällt mot miljön.

Start using Kivra for one-click payments


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