Digital bills and invoices

Pay your bills and invoices with Kivra. And avoid late fees. Convenient and smartly stored in one place.

Ikon föreställande ett finger som klickar på en skärm.


To make a payment in Kivra goes swiftly. All numbers are pre-filled. Just click pay and sign with Mobile BankID.

Ikon föreställande en cirkel med en symbol för att något är avbockat.

All in one place

All your bills and invoices are easily found and sorted in Kivra. It gives you a good overview of your payments.

Ikon föreställande en gammal ringklocka.


Get notifications immediately when you receive a new invoice. With reminders, you don’t forget to pay.

How do I pay with Kivra?

You can pay bills and invoices without having to log out from Kivra. It’s quick and secure. The only thing you need is a bank account in a well known Swedish bank. Authorization is made with Mobile BankID.

When paying, you can choose a preferred pay date. On the date of expiration or set your own. If you have paid an invoice with another service, you can label it as done in Kivra. All bills and invoices are stored in your Kivra archive.

Once logged in to Kivra, you can activate the payment service under settings.

We have updated our new payment service with smarter and better features. Learn more about the new payment service.

Connected companies and authorities

Will you receive the next letter from your insurance company in Kivra? The tax return information, or the invoice from the carpenter?

Start using Kivra for one-click payments


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  • What happens if I have set up e-invoicing or direct debit for a certain company?
  • When is the amount withdrawn?