If you have been vaccinated or tested negative for Covid-19, you can now order your Covid certificate digitally. If you request your Covid certificate digitally and have Kivra, it will automatically be sent there. One more importance gathered in your Kivra.

What is the covid certificate?

The Covid certificate is a proof that you have been vaccinated or tested negative for Covid-19. It is designed to meet international requirements and to facilitate travel abroad. The Swedish government has decided that covid certificates can be provided digitally.

The E-Health Authority, DIGG and Public Health Authority are behind the free e-service Covidbevis, commissioned by the government. There are three different types of Covid certificates for those going on a trip:

  1. Vaccination certificate. The simplest and most convenient, where you also do not burden the health service unnecessarily.
  2. Covid test. You can read more about how it works below.
  3. Certificate of recovery. For those who have had Covid-19 and have recovered. EU rules on how it should be designed do not allow everyone to have it prescribed. Read more on the E-Health Authority's page on recovery certificates.

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Here's how it works with covid certificate and negative covid test

If you are not vaccinated, you can still get a Covid certificate if you have a negative Covid test. However, there are certain guidelines for getting your covid certificate when tested.

  • It must be a recent test and must have been taken by a qualified health professional or other qualified testing personnel. Self-tests are not valid.
  • The healthcare provider must be connected to the Covidbevis service. You can see which healthcare providers are connected on the E-Health Authority's website

Be sure to check the rules for the country you are visiting. It is up to each country how long a negative covid test is valid.

Once you have taken your test and it is negative, the result is sent to the eHealth Authority, where a covid certificate is automatically created. If you have a digital mailbox, like Kivra, the result is sent directly there.

You can read more about guidelines for covid testing at E-Health Authority.

The covid certificate contains a QR code, information about the vaccine, the date of the vaccination or covid test and your personal data.

Travelling with the Covid certificate

The Covid certificate makes it easier for you to travel within the EU, but it's up to each country to decide what applies for entry into the country. You are responsible for checking that you meet the required entry conditions.

How long is the Covid certificate valid?

Up to now, the Covid certificate has been valid for 90 days before having to be renewed, but from 1 October it will be extended to 180 days. However, this only applies to Covid certificates you receive after 1 October.

  • Covid certificate you received before 30 September is valid for 90 days.
  • Covid certificate receive between 1 October and 31 December 2021 is valid for 180 days.

If you're travelling soon, such as for fall vacation, it's time to order or renew your or your minor childrens existing Covid certificate. Otherwise, you can wait to request it until your next trip. Read more in the article by the eHealth Authority here (in Swedish)

If you choose to request your Covid certificate digitally, it will be sent directly to your Kivra. Don't have Kivra? Create account

With the Covid certificate in Kivra, you always have your vaccination certificate available on your mobile whenever you need it, even when you don't have an internet connection.

Covidbevis in Kivra – How it will work

Watch the video to understand how the process around Covidbevis will look like. The video is shown in Swedish.

Get your Covid certificate in Kivra

Here's how it works after you've been vaccinated

  1. Within seven days after you have been vaccinated, the vaccination is reported to the National Vaccination Register.
  2. Order your certificate at covidbevis.se. You need BankID or another valid Swedish e-ID to log in.
  3. The Covidbevis is automatically sent to your Kivra in the form of a QR code together with your personal data, information about your vaccine and when you were vaccinated.
  4. Now you have your Covid certificate collected among your other essentials and available to show whenever you need it. Even when you don't have an internet connection.

*Example of what a vaccination certificate might look like in Kivra.

Benefits of the covid certificate in Kivra

There are several advantages to a digital covid certificate in Kivra.

Ikon föreställande en jordglob med en ospecificerad plats utmärkt med knappnål.

Always accessible

With the Kivra app, you always have your Covid certificate available on your mobile. Even when you're not connected to the internet.


Secure login

With Mobile BankID, only you can open the covid certificate

Bild på en användare inuti en cirkel.

All in one place

All your essentials in one place

Health information in Kivra

Connected regions and healthcare companies

Already today, information and care requests are sent in Kivra. Several of the Swedish regions and private providers have signed up for digital letters. This means that there is already a secure platform that millions of users are familiar with. This is an advantage if, for example, information about appointment bookings for vaccinations is to be sent efficiently and securely.

Can you get healthcare information in Kivra?

Several of Swedish regions and healthcare companies are connected to send digital mail in Kivra, but not all. Click here to see if the region you live in is connected