Covid certificate in Kivra

If you have been vaccinated or tested negative against COVID-19, you can order your covid certificate digitally. If you ask to get your covid certificate digitally, and you have Kivra, it will be automatically sent to you. It is yet another important thing in your Kivra.

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Renew your covid certificate

At the top of your vaccination certificate, it says how long your certificate is valid for. From 22 February 2022, a vaccination certificate is valid for one year. If your certificate has expired, you can easily pick up a new one at If you have Kivra, the vaccination certificate is automatically sent there. So you have it on your mobile, wherever you are.

Advantages of covid certificate in Kivra

There are several advantages to a digital covid certificate in Kivra.

Always accessible

With the Kivra app, you always have your Covid certificate available on your mobile. Even when you're not connected to the internet.

Secure login

With Mobile BankID, only you can open the covid certificate

All in one place

All your important stuff gathered in one place.

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