Business Mailbox

Collect those letters you don't want to miss. The Business Mailbox works the same as a Kivra Private Account.

Two women discuss something they see on their tablet.
Ikon föreställande en låst skärm.


More secure than conventional post. And faster. You will also get a stronger protection againt fraud.

Ikon föreställande tre cirklar som en sammanlänkande.

Share your inbox

You can choose to share the Business Mailbox with colleagues with relevant tasks. Your CFO, for example.

Ikon föreställande fyra pilar som pekar in mot en cirkel i mitten.

Eco system

Add our scanning service, or merg Kivra with your accounting system. Free time for what you do best.

Get started with Business Mailbox

How to get started


Create account

Make sure you have Kivra yourself, as a private person. That is required to create a Business Mailbox.

Learn more about Kivra Private.


Enter your company registration number and personal identity number. Identify yourself using Mobile BankID.



Your organisation will now receive digital mail. From connected companies and authorities.

Who will send me digital letters?

Every week, new organisations and authorities connect to Kivra. Here are some of them displayed. Click the link for the complete list.

Logotyp för Skatteverket.
Logotyp för Bolagsverket.
Logotyp för Lantmäteriet
Logotyp för Transportstyrelsen.
Logotyp för Jordbruksverket.
Logotyp för Arbetsförmedlingen.
Logotyp för Tullverket.
Logotyp för 3.
Logotyp för Skandia.
Logotyp för Creditsafe.
Logotyp för Agria.
Logotyp för Kraftringen.

Receive digital mail and documents