Integrate your Fortnox with Kivra

Using Fortnox as bookkeeping? Using the platform Zwapgrid you can easily connect your Kivra Business mailbox with Fortnox to enable sending invoices to your customers with Kivra and receiving invoices in Kivra that seamlessly end up in Fortnox.

Bild med Fortnox och Zwapgrid

Make it easier!

Don't miss anything important

Supplier invoices are collected from Kivra and created in Fortnox. Nothing is forgotten and no need to manually create and move invoices. You can even automize reoccuring bookkeeping by adding your bookkeeping account.

Safe and easy

Customer invoices can be retrieved from Fortnox and sent to receiving companies or individuals in Kivra. Since all accounts in Kivra require BankID, you know the recipient is correct - safer and easier for both you and your customer.

Only important mail

Kivra removes advertising and other junk mail before scanning your company's mail so that only the important stuff ends up in your Company mailbox - no junk in the mailbox and no junk in the accounting system.

Take a look at the video to get started

In the video, we go through step by step how to make the settings to get started. Follow the instructions and get started today.

Get started with Fortnox integration in a few steps


Fill out form to create workspace

Fyll i ett formulär för att skapa din egen arbetsyta i Zwapgrid.


Connect Kivra

Connect Kivra by filling in your VAT number and verifying it with a code you receive in your Kivra for Business mailbox.


Select send or/and receive invoices

Choose whether you should be able to send invoices to your customers in Kivra and/or retrieve supplier invoices from Kivra to Fortnox.


Activate integration

Activate the integration of Zwapgrid with Kivra.


Uppge företag och namn

State which company and name should appear as the sender in your Company mailbox if you send customer invoices.


Connect to Fortnox

Connect to Fortnox with your usual login.


Approve and you are set to go!

Get started

You will soon be up and running with your integration of the Business mailbox with Fortnox

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