Kivra uploads

Paper clips, stapler pins, and binders sure did an amazing job. But wouldn’t it be easier to gather all those documents in Kivra? Running a business equals lots of paperwork, and each paper can now live in our app. Upload them directly to Kivra!

Why upload with us?

Today, there’s no shortage of uploading services. Do you really need another one? Well, we believe you do. Especially if you already have a lot of stuff in Kivra – gather everything important in one app!

Everything in one place

Make it easy on your mind. With all the letters and other stuff you already have in Kivra, why not collect all your important documents in the same place?

Encrypted and secure

We encrypt your content and store it in Sweden. Only you can access your stuff unless you choose to share it with someone else.

Great for stuff you may need in the future

You may want to store some paperwork, such as guarantee documents, for a long time. But where? In Kivra, of course. Anything uploaded in the app will stay there until you delete it yourself.


Like a safe box – in your pocket

Yes, it’s that secure. With us, it’s easy to store important documents in an easily accessible but safe way. Only you can access your content, which is encrypted and stored in our systems in Sweden.

What can you upload?

Many businesses have enough papers to fill several bookcases. Upload them to Kivra instead. Papers you can upload include:

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Keep an eye on the books – upload all the receipts and related papers and ease your financial statements.

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Contracts and agreements

Don't loose your contracts and don't forget about all of the agreements. Keep track of all the things in Kivra.

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Certificates will often end up either in a pile somewhere, in random boxes or in special cases framed and on the wall. For the non-wall hangers – upload them to Kivra!

Two simple ways to get started

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Snap a photo of your document

Log in to Kivra, go to the menu on the start page, click "Uploads" and then "Upload". Take a mobile photo or select an existing image or file from your device.

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Share documents from other apps

Do you want to share a document from your email, photos, or "my pages" on a website somewhere? It’s easy to transfer things to Kivra. Just click on the built-in sharing feature on your phone and select Kivra.

Get started with Kivra Business Plus

Get a Business mailbox and activate Kivra Business Plus in the app or on the web in settings