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Congratulations on making a good choice! Lots of opportunities are available. Have you discovered all of Kivra Företag Plus yet? It's easy to get started - start simplifying your work today.

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Get rid of paper - receive everything in Kivra

K4B+ adresses
Ikon föreställande en låst skärm.

Log in to Kivra and go to your Company mailbox.

Ikon föreställande tre cirklar som en sammanlänkande.

Select "More" > "Settings" > Kivra Business Plus.

Ikon föreställande en jordglob med en ospecificerad plats utmärkt med knappnål.

Here you'll find your email and scanning address in Kivra. You want to share that to avoid window envelopes and attachments in your inbox.

Get all your company mail scanned

Tired of window envelopes? We can solve that! Did you know that all the boring envelopes can end up in Kivra instead? We receive, open, scan and deliver everything you want in your Kivra app.

Ikon föreställande ett dokument som skickas.

Share the scanning address with the companies and people who send you physical mail.

Ikon föreställande ett kuvert.

We scan all mail delivered to the scanning address and deliver it in Kivra instead.

Ikon föreställande en gammal ringklocka.

You receive a notification as soon as a new scanned letter has arrived.

Forward everything to your Kivra

You know all the important attachments you have lying around in your regular inbox? There is a better system – collect them in Kivra instead. With Kivra Företag Plus, you get a dedicated email address that leads directly into Kivra. It works a bit like a shortcut into the app, regardless of who is sending. Forward important things to yourself or share the email address with senders who's content you want to land in Kivra.

Använd denna ikon vid mörkgrön temafärg

Save and share your new email address with whoever you want.

Logotyp Kivra Kom igång

Now you and others can easily send important things directly into your Kivra.

Använd denna ikon vid mörkgrön temafärg

You'll receive a notification immediately when something arrives by mail.

Tired of folders and loose papers?

Upload to our app today!

Ladda upp obegränsat
Ikon föreställande en låst skärm.

Log in to Kivra and go to your Company mailbox.

Ikon föreställande flera bilder.

Click on "Uploads" and then "Upload". Select an existing photo or file, or take a photo with your mobile.

Ikon föreställande en cirkel med en symbol för att något är avbockat.

Now you can access your essentials anytime, anywhere.