Communication options

Add direct paths of contact to you from Kivra or why not integrate your chatbot in Kivra so that questions can be answered immediately when customer have them about a letter or invoice. We are constantly developing new features for communication - let us know if you have special requests.

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Contact paths

Make it easier for your customers and users to reach you! In the Sender portal under contact paths you can include up to four direct ways to reach you, be it email, phone or perhaps a link or two to your website? Your customers don't have to click in and out of services or open and close websites. Reach out to us if you want help getting started

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Sender Home - your company home in Kivra

Sender Home enables companies and organisations to customize their home in Kivra with their own logo, images and contact information - a home away from home. A way to build your brand presence and allow users to reach you directly from Kivra. Why not open Kivra and see what some companies have created?



Why not optimize your customer service using Kivra by incorporating your current chatbot in your Kivra user home? A great way to alleviate your customer support and reach your users directly from Kivra. Soon we will be adding the possibility of integrating with a live chat. Several companies are testing the chat features now, would you like to join them? Contact us at

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