Sender Portal

Tailor the user experience in Kivra by adding the company visual identity. And, by providing contact paths, such as to your website, social media, customer service or other pertinent contact channel.

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See how your information is received and handled

Gain valuable insights about open rates of documents sent, be it letters, agreements or invoices. You see the number of sent invoices paid using Kivra and the number of trees saved. In the portal senders can easily share permissions, so that more colleagues have access to the latest statistics.


A home for you in Kivra

To further strengthen the relationship and make it easier for customers to contact you as a sender, you can easily add contact routes to the sender profile, such as logging in to your My pages, phone number, email, or linking directly to your FAQ.

You can also add image and logo in line with your visual identity to create recognition and security. During the year, we will offer leading providers of chat solutions to integrate with us so that senders have the opportunity to add their chat solution as contact channels.


Reach out with Kivra Campaigns

Reach out with our advertising tool Kivra Campaigns. We have simplified the management for adding, editing and publishing banners. Statistics for each banner are also presented here, which increases the understanding of how the ads deliver and how we can improve the result over time.


Avsändarportal - GodEl case

This is how GodEl did it

GodEl uppdated their profile page in Kivra with both images and direct contact paths for their customers. This has led to a decrease in support cases, closer customer relations, and increased traffic to relevant channels.

"Our profile page is a great way for us to get closer to our customers in Kivra. With a few simple settings in the Sender portak, traffic has increased when customers are using Kivra while simultaneously being able to direct them to help pages and customer service."

Adam Lodin, Online manager at GodEl.

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