Swish payments

Setting up Swish payments is easy. No technical setup or development necessary. Here's your step-by-step guide to implementing Swish payments.

Set up Swish in 3 steps

Setting up Swish as a payment method requires no extra technical setup. Just follow the steps below and you're good to go.

  1. Contact Kivra and let us know that you want to add Swish as payment method for Kivra invoices.
  2. Tell your bank that you want to add Kivra as a technical supplier for Swish.
  3. Kivra activates Swish payments for your invoices. Done!

Benefits with Swish payments

  • Payments go directly to your company’s account, without delay.
  • OCR-number and other details are pre-filled when the user receives the invoice. This eliminates the risk for inaccurate details.
  • A customer experience that 8 million people in Sweden are familiar with.
  • The payment method with the best conversion rate according to Kantar Sifo.
  • Easy to get started. No technical setup required.
  • No risk for double payments.

Easier for the receiver

With Swish, your customers can pay their invoices instantly, with only a few clicks. All details are pre-filled when the Swish app opens. Here's what the user journey looks like:

  1. The receiver opens the invoice in Kivra.
  2. The receiver selects Swish as payment method.
  3. The Swish app opens automatically if installed on the same device. If the receiver is using another device or the web client, a QR code will be shown, which the receiver can scan with the Swish app to complete the payment. The receiver’s Swish number, amount, and OCR number are pre-filled. The receiver signs with BankID.
  4. The money is instantly transferred to your company's account. The receiver can see the payment in their Swish app, in their bank history and in their Kivra account.

Frequently Asked Questions about Swish

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  • How do we get information about incoming payments?

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  • What if we already have a technical supplier for Swish?

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