Kivra's climate work

Our sustainable core business model is our superpower. On top of that, we measure and reduce our own emissions. We also invest in nature based solutions representing 110% of our own emissions.

Kvinna sitter vid ett köksbord och arbetar på sin dator, men har blicken fäst ut genom fönstret.

A sustainable core business model

Sustainability is at the very heart of Kivra, to which we have several approaches. Among others, it includes a sustainable business model and long term ownership. We always aim for »happy-happy«-solutions, meaning that everyone should benefit from our services.

But we don't stop there. We are dedicated to giving back and do all that we possibly can. Because it is in our DNA.

Climate is truly the world’s most important issue. We all need to act together and take responsibility. And we believe that companies have an immense role in making the world a better place. Kivra’s contribution might be a small piece of the big puzzle, but all the pieces need to be in place. We also know that it takes a lot of good forces to create something better. We therefore hope to inspire others and encourage others to act.

Measure, reduce and invest.

Our climate work consists of three parts – measure, reduce and invest in nature based solutions.


Analyse emissions of greenhouse gases

Emissions are calculated on the basis of ISO 14067 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The result is divided into three parts – scope 1, 2 and 3. It gives a complete picture of our climate impact. U&We helps us with the analysis.


Reduce emissions

The analysis shows where our emissions are. And gives us the foundation to be able to take action and reduce.


We invest in nature based solutions and preserve forests

The trees in our forests absorb and bind carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We invest in nature based solutions representing 110% of our emissions. We do this in partnership with ZeroMission in the Bujang Raba project in Sumatra.

Read more about Project Bujang Raba (external link)

Kivra's climate footprint

Our climate footprint in short

Kivra's climate footprint is very small. In 2021, it was equal to 155 tons of CO2e. These reports only include the Swedish market. To read more, see our reports below:

Read the full report (2021)

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We continuously decrease our emissions

Over the years, we have made several improvements. For example, we use climate-friendly energy to supply our office and server halls/servers. We avoid flying when not absolutely needed. And when food is provided at the office, it is mainly vegetarian alternatives.

We offset our emissions by preserving trees

For all our emissions, we offset them by 110%. It is mainly allocated to a preservation project on Sumatra. The Indonesian island has for many years been badly hurt through palm oil exploitation.

Today we preserve trees. In the future, we might do something else. Learn more about the project we invest in..

Questions and answers about Kivras climate work