Special terms and conditions for payments in Kivra via Tink

Valid from 1 June 2020 and onwards.

In case of any inconsistencies between the Swedish and the English version of these "Special terms and conditions for payments in Kivra via Tink", the Swedish version shall take precedence.

1. Description of the Service

Kivra offers an additional service (the “Service”) in accordance with section 3 of Kivra´s general terms and conditions for the service which enables a User to make payments of invoices and notices transmitted to a User's digital mailbox via a payment initiation service provided by Tink AB (“Tink”).

The Service is provided by Kivra Sverige AB, reg. no. 556917-3544.

2. Access to the Service

The User's access to the Service is automatically granted when the User accepts these special terms and conditions and chooses to pay an invoice in Kivra via Tink.

In order to be able to make payments in Kivra via Tink, the User must also accept Privacy notice - Tink’s account information services and payment initiation services and General Terms and Conditions for Tink’s Account Information Services and Payment Initiation Services.

3. Use of the Service

The User may, after Kivra has granted the User access to the Service, initiate a payment via Tink by following instructions in connection with the invoice that the User wishes to pay. The User may choose to pay the invoice as soon as possible, on due date or on another date stated in the Service.

The payment initiation is handled by Tink and is not part of the Service.

The User can see the status of the payment initiation in the Service in connection with the invoice.

4. Processing of personal data

In order to provide the Service to the User, Kivra needs to collect and process certain personal data about the User in accordance with the information about Kivra's processing of personal data which you find here.

5. Kivra’s responsibilities

Kivra's responsibility is limited to sharing the User's choice of bank and payment date as well as the payment information on the invoice the User has given instructions to pay to Tink to enable payment and to show the current status of the payment initiation in the Service.

The payment initiation is handled by Tink and the responsibility for this service is regulated in Tinks at any time applicable terms and conditions. Kivra is not responsible for making payments and has no responsibility for reimbursing amounts to the User or for any additional costs that arise due to the User's delayed or missing payments.

6. Responsibilities of the User

The User is responsible for ensuring that information about the User's choice of bank for payment is correct and up-to-date and that invoices are paid on time.

The payment information used in the Service is provided by the Sender. The User is responsible for, and is obliged to, review and check the payment information in the invoices transmitted to the User.

Information about the status of the payment initiation shown in the Service is provided by Tink. The User is responsible for checking the status.

7. Controls and misuse of the Service

Kivra reports all suspicions that Users are using the Service illegally to the competent authority. Kivra also has the right to terminate the Service for a User, in whole or in part, if Kivra becomes aware of, or has reason to suspect, that the User is using the Service for illegal activities or in violation of Kivra’s terms and conditions.