Code of conduct

Sustainability is the foundation of all our work and infuses all our activities. From our sustainable business model with solid core values to long-term ownership. We provide a secure service for our users and an open and inclusive environment for our employees.

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We want to show a good example

We believe that if enough companies take responsibility, act and lead by good example, the world will be a more secure and better place. That together, we care for our environment and our fellow human beings. We want to set an example and inspire others.

Kivra's Code of Conduct describes the values, expectations and considerations Kivra works with in a everyday basis. The Code of Conduct covers the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, but is based on our own identification of focus areas adapted to our business. It's important to us to have an open culture where all employees dare to speak their minds and where we encourage reporting any irregularities that are discovered. Should serious violations of the Code of Conduct occur, Kivra has a whistleblowing system in place.

Kivra core values

This is a brief summary of Kivra's core values. The core values that guide us and form the foundation of Kivra as a company. What we represent now and in the future. Read more about our core values in our Code of Conduct.
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We seek solutions in all our partnerships that make all sides feel like winners. Everybody should benefit from the deal.

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We are stronger together. And together with customers and partners we create, develop and challenge for the future.

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We treat everyone with kindness and respect. We always make time and all questions are important.

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We protect and transport content and personal data in a secure way. It's a commitment we take very seriously, and one that's part of our entire business philosophy.

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For us, sustainability is more than just about the environment. It runs through our entire DNA.

Download and learn more about our code of conduct (pdf).