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With Kivra, you'll receive important letters digitally, instead of to your physical mailbox. You can also receive receipts with Kivra from connected vendors. We strive to develop sustainable, convenient solutions for everyone's everyday life.


Get invoices, payslips, and receipts.
And important mail.


Get rid of unnecessary paper handling.
Save expenses and climate.

About Kivra

The core idea behind Kivra is to take advantage of the benefits with digital letters. Besides convenience, it contributes to a more sustainable world. The last eight years, we have added more services – one of them is digital receipts. We continue with our aim – to create smart solutions from which everyone can benefit.

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Every year, more than a billion windowed envelopes are distributed throughout Sweden. And four billion paper receipts are printed. Altogether, it hurts our climate. We are convinced that there is a better way to handle letters and receipts

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